Обложка альбома Witch1) Psychedelic/afro rock-band from Zambia, privately pressed on a small local label, this 5 piece electric band plays a strong electric African underground style. Tons of wah wah-fuzz guitar in every track, African style beats and vocals and all original song. 2) The group Witch was born from a marriage of apparently contradictory influences. J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. renown and his long time friend Dave Sweetapple were interested in forming a hard rock band. They found willing and able conspirators in Kyle Thomas and Asa Irons, members New England avant-folk outfit Feathers. On their eponymous debut album, this line-up mounts a mighty sonic tumult that harkens back to classic heavy metal sound of early 70's outfits while still sounding modern in it's assault (and without falling into the ubiquitous "Stoner Rock" pigeonhole). The eponymous debut album from Witch is scheduled for release on Tee Pee Records March 7th, 2006. In Witch, Mascis returns to his first love, drums, playing with an unbridled passion that recalls his work with Deep Wound, his early 80's hardcore band.
  • Трек: Witch Doctor (Radio Mix)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Cartoons
  • Длительность 3:06
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Cartoons - Witch Doctor (Radio Mix)"

  • 3:35
    Queens Of The Stone AgeBurn The Witch
  • 4:56
    DonovanSeason of the Witch
  • 3:38
    Rob ZombieVirgin Witch
  • 2:55
    RedboneThe Witch Queen Of New Orleans
  • 3:48
  • 4:48
    Sneaker PimpsSmall Town Witch
  • 4:23
    King DiamondEye of the Witch
  • 6:00
    Tarja Turunen, Mike TerranaWitch-Hunt
  • 2:48
    The White BuffaloThe Witch
  • 4:28
    Esben And The WitchWarpath
  • 3:01
    MotorheadI'm Your Witch Doctor
  • 3:17
    VenomDon't Burn the Witch
  • 4:56
    DonovanSeason of the Witch
  • 4:33
    De StaatWitch Doctor
  • 4:20
    Sonic DeathWitch
  • 11:24
    Esben and the WitchThe Reverist
  • 3:23
    Angel WitchAngel Witch
  • 3:02
    90s allstarsWitch Doctor
  • 6:05
    The Vision BleakCannibal Witch
  • 7:49
    MastodonDiamond In The Witch House
  • 7:03
    The CultThe Witch
  • 2:22
    David SevilleWitch Doctor
  • 2:40
    PercivalWitch Hunters
  • 4:19
    Florence + The MachineWhich Witch
  • 4:44
    Stone GodsBurn The Witch
  • 3:25
    OkkultokratiWitch House
  • 3:08
    Rob LaneThe Witch's Aria
  • 3:35
  • 5:05
    The Heretic OrderBurn Witch Burn
  • 4:30
    AureaThe Witch Song
  • 3:42
    Beach HouseTokyo Witch
  • 1:34
    Immediate MusicWitch Hunt
  • 5:12
    DonovanSeason of the Witch
  • 3:05
    The Halloween Party Album SingersWitch Doctor (From "Alvin & the Chipmunks")
  • 4:35
    Crystal ViperThe Witch Is Back
  • 1:46
    ZombyWitch Hunt
  • 4:35
    Esben And The WitchSlow Wave
  • 7:47
    Vanilla FudgeSeason Of The Witch
  • 2:38
    Pulled Apart By HorsesNeighbourhood Witch
  • 3:06
    Esben And The WitchHexagons III (The Surge)
  • 3:48
    King DiamondEye Of The Witch (Reissue)
  • 3:33
    Aphex TwinLogan Rock Witch
  • 4:04
    L.A. WITCHGet Lost
  • 2:19
    Kip TylerShe's My Witch
  • 2:13
    Mikolai StroinskiThe Dark Witch
  • 13:08
    Esben and the WitchSylvan
  • 4:09
    The Vision BleakA Witch Is Born
  • 1:34
    Cradle Of FilthA Scarlet Witch Lit The Season (Album Version)
  • 4:30
    Joachim Garraud, A Girl and a GunThe Witch Is Dead (Vion Konger Remix)